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Difference between Single Drawn and Double Drawn

The terms “single drawn” and “double drawn” refer to the quality and consistency of human hair in a bundle or extension. These terms are commonly used in the hair extension industry. Let’s explore the differences between single drawn and double drawn hair:

Single Drawn Hair

Single drawn hair is collected from the donor and bundled together without much additional processing. In a bundle of single drawn hair, you will find hair strands of varying lengths, ranging from shorter to longer. The hair is not trimmed or sorted to achieve a uniform length. As a result, the bundle has a natural taper, meaning it is thicker at the top and tapers towards the ends. This variation in length and thickness gives single drawn hair a more natural look but can also result in a less uniform appearance when installed.


Double Drawn Hair:

Double drawn hair, on the other hand, undergoes a more meticulous process to create a bundle with a more consistent length. During the manufacturing process, shorter hairs are manually removed from the bundle, leaving behind only longer hairs. The remaining hairs are then aligned and trimmed to achieve a uniform length from top to bottom. This process eliminates most of the tapering, resulting in hair extensions that look thicker and more voluminous throughout their length. Double drawn hair is often preferred for achieving a fuller and more uniform hairstyle.


Key Differences:

  • Length Consistency: Single drawn hair has a natural variation in length, while DD hair has a more consistent and uniform length from top to bottom.
  • Fullness: DD hair looks thicker and provides more fullness compared to single drawn hair because it contains a higher percentage of longer hair strands.
  • Natural Look vs. Uniformity: Single drawn hair offers a more natural and blended look, whereas double drawn hair provides a more polished and uniform appearance.
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In summary, the main difference between single drawn and double drawn hair lies in the length consistency and fullness of the hair extensions. Single drawn hair has a more natural and tapered look, while double drawn hair is more uniform and voluminous. The choice between the two depends on your desired hairstyle, preference for natural versus polished appearance, and budget. At Babesmarket Hair and Beauty we sell all kinds of human hair.


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