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Signs of Damaged Hair Follicles and How to Repair Them

Signs of Damaged Hair Follicles and How to Repair Them: Firstly, You need to understand what hair follicles are and why they are so important. Hair growth begins under your skin, where the cells come together to form keratin. This happens at the hair root, which is housed inside of a follicle, a tiny tube in your skin.

Signs of Damaged Hair Follicles and How to Repair Them


However, Keeping all of this in mind, I’m sure you know why it is important to be sure very super protective when it comes to taking good care of your hair follicles. One way to do that is to know some signs that your follicles are either damaged or weak. If you are eager and freakish to know about what some of those indicators are, Below are some of them:

  • Excessive Root Shedding
    This is also another sign of damaged hair follicles. However, it is normal we lose 50-100 strands a day and that is what is normally about hair shedding. But the question is how do you know if something is wrong or the way you lose shed hair in a day is abnormal, The first is if you can tell you are losing way more than that, Also every time you’re carefully tugging at the ends of your hair, a few strands come out which is also another red flag to notice. Meanwhile what exactly can lead to excessive root shedding? Stress, imbalanced hormones, poor diet, heredity.
  • Dry Scalp
    Dry Scalp is also another sign to know if your hair follicles are damaged. It is very important to always remember that hair follicles produce hair fibers and when those fibers are growing out of a moisturized space, it is easier and faster for them to flourish. That is why it is not always good for your scalp to be dry. Some of the things that lead to this include washing your hair too much. Whenever any of these things happen and you do not make some necessary adjustments, this as well can damage your follicles over time.
  • Unmanageable Hair
    Unmanageable hair is considered other signs of damaged hair follicles. This simply means when hair tare super frizzy, which means you need to condition it. Tangled hair, usually means hair that has so many fairy knots or it is time to trim. Split ends, this is when you have applied too much heat. When all these are overlooked and ignored, it can cause you to constantly pull and tug at your hair follicles which can then lead to traction alopecia, if you are not extremely careful. That is why you should never be too rough with your hair.
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Some Other Signs of Damaged Hair Follicles

  • Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Scalp Acne
  • Over styling
  • No Multivitamin in Your System

How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair Follicles at Home

If your hair is damaged by the chemicals in your hair care products, it is very possible to improve its condition and also repair broken hair at home. All you need is to follow these steps carefully to repair your hair. In no time, you will have your hair feeling soft, nice, and looking extremely great again.

  • Use a Quality  Shampoo with the Right Ingredients
    First, you must ensure that you are using a good quality shampoo with the right ingredients. Choose a shampoo that s sulfate-free and has been formulated especially for damaged hair. This particular shampoo can be used if you wash your hair regularly. Whenever it comes to reversing damage, you should use shampoo with restorative and strengthening ingredients such as biotin and keratin.
  • Apply The Right Conditioner
    Chemically damaged hair will need daily maintenance to revive it to a perfect condition. Shampoo can get rid of oils from your hair, so you should condition your locks with a good quality conditioner after shampooing. Select a conditioner that contains nourishing and strengthening ingredients that help to repair damaged hair.
  • Use Protein Hair Products
    Your hair outer layers are made of a natural protein which is called Keratin, We have different amounts of Keratin in our hair. When your hair suffers chemical damage, Keratin is lost. Protein-based products work on the hair from the outside and help fix it by coating your hair shafts and also strengthening them to prevent breakage. You will notice that your hair is shinier and stronger after using a
    quality protein-based products.
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Other Steps to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair at Home

  • Try Hot Oil Treatments
    Hot oil treatment protects and also nourishes dry and brittle hair by sealing the hair cuticle. These plants-based are gotten from almonds, argan, coconut, and also olive oil which is beneficial as it softens hair. And as well restores moisture if it is dry and brittle. Some benefits of hot oil treatments are: It reduces split ends, increases hair strength, helps replenish moisture and elasticity, reduces frizz also.
  • Apply a Leave-in Conditioner
    You might want to underestimate the important role of conditioners in nourishing and moisturizing your hair. leave-in conditioners contain water. Which is not good for moisturizing your hair. Leave in conditioner serve crucial roles including detangling, taming frizz softening, and preventing split ends and hair breakage unlike shampoo or regular conditioner.
  • Try Repairing Hair Masks
    There are so many different types of hair masks available to help improve chemically damaged hair at home. Hair masks work in a similar way to conditioners, but they come with more moisturizing and reformative formulas. They can provide your hair with so many benefits, such as boosting growth, hydration, and also adding shine to your hair.
  • Hair Steaming: We advise you consider hair steaming as regular hair steaming repairs damage hair.

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