Ways to Differentiate Human Hair From Synthetic Hair

synthetic hair

Ways to Differentiate Human Hair From Synthetic Hair: Purchasing good hair for ladies out there is an investment. But when you spend a huge amount on getting weaves and in a short while, they begin to tangle and look frizzy, then you will be wondering why you purchased the hair in the first place.: Purchasing good hair for ladies out there is an investment. But when you spend a huge amount on getting weaves and in a short while, they begin to tangle and look frizzy, then you will be wondering why you purchased the hair in the first place.

synthetic hair


However, that is why it is very important to know how to differentiate human hair from synthetic hair so you don’t end up regretting the hair you bought.

Synthetic hair weaves have truly evolved such that if you are not in the hair business, it can be quite difficult for you to differentiate it from human hair with the advancement of technology. Some synthetic hair has textures that feel like human hair, but that doesn’t make it human hair

Ways to Differentiate Human Hair From Synthetic Hair: How to Differentiate Between Human Hair and Synthetic

Synthetic hair extensions come in different kinds of colours and they are normally vibrant. They can be so shiny black, gold, red, or even brown. While human hair doesn’t have shiny or vibrant colours. They only come in a few shed of black and brown, but they can be tinted to any colour of your choice.

Everyone knows human hair weaves are very superior to synthetic hair. If the hair is very smooth when you run your hands down through it, but feels different when your run your hands upwards, then you know it is definitely human hair. However, if it is smooth when your run your hands, either way, it is synthetic. Human hair is usually soft, and very appealing to touch unlike synthetic hair, which has a fake look. Human hair feels natural.

This is another way to different human hair and synthetic hair, Human hair can be dyed as I said to any colour of your choice. It is as well suitable to use with heat equipment to straighten or even curl. But for synthetic hair, it can’t be dyed or bleached. Because it might likely burn. it can also be tongued or styled with any heat appliance.

Human Hair always curls up whenever it is wet. It doesn’t really matter if you bought it straight, wavy or even curly. But this occurs with synthetic hair

Other Ways on How to Differentiate Between Human Hair and Synthetic

Human hair can last as long as you can maintain it. it only tangles a bit unlike synthetic hair, which easily gets tangled.

And when you comb or brush your human hair, it sheds only a few strands while synthetic hair sheds regularly and is very easy. However, to reduce the shedding of human hair weave, use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair from the tips to the roots

Burn Test
This is also considered another way to differentiate human hair from synthetic hair. Just cut a strand of the hair and burn it, if it melts into a small ball and smells like rubber, then it is obvious it is synthetic hair. But if it burns quickly and smells like real hair, it is human hair. In short, synthetic hair melts while human hair burns.

Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. But this does not mean you should break a bank if you wish to buy human hair. There are different types of human hair that can go with the budget you have.

Types of Lace Wigs For Women

Wigs can be made from different waves depending on what the customer really wants. It can be done in different types with a lace closure or just a normal closure.

However, wigs are made easy for women who have little or no time to visit a hairdressing salon or even patronise a hairstyling shop. Nowadays, all a woman needs is to place an order for any kind of wig of her choice and have it delivered to her doorstep within hours or minutes

Wigs have actually become the fastest and easiest way out for ladies with hair trouble. These days it is so easy to rock different types of hair extensions without having them sewn on your natural hair. Below are the trendy lace wigs;

  • Brazilian Virgin Human Hair(Wavy)
  • Afro Kinky Curly
  • Brazilian Straight Wig
  • Brazilian Short Bob Frontal Wig
  • Glueless Full Lace Bob Wig
  • Brazilian Full Fringe
  • Curly Brazilian Frontal wig
  • Ombre Brazilian Hair

Prom Hairstyle for Long and Short Hairs

Prom hairstyle

Prom Hairstyle for Long and Short Hairs: After hours of dress shopping. You finally found the perfect one. You also found the right shoes to match with the dress that will keep you dancing all night long. Before summer hits, this one last hurrah will bring memories for the rest of your life. That night is right around the corner and you can’t be more excited.

Prom hairstyle

Yes, we are talking about Prom. Being ready for your big night is really an exciting time that every girl should not miss and should get to experience. When that day arrives, you will want to look so gorgeous and perfect. Your dress, your makeup, and yes of course your hair.

However, if you have short hair, here are some styles that will look so stunning on your big night. You can decide to choose from.

Textures Waves with a loose Center Braid

prom hairstyle

Leave the front and back of your hair loose, adding waves all over your had. This hairstyle can utilize a faux braid if the hair is not that long enough to create a real one. Booby pins and clear rubber bands is what you will need. Hide the accessories by covering areas of the head where they stick out with a strand of hair and some hairspray.

Short Hair Updo With a Braided Headband

prom hairstyle
This is also another style to consider. The loose curls left hanging around her face pull the whole look together. This gorgeous look will have eyes focused n your classic beauty.

Double Bun Updo for Prom

Double buns work well with short hair. They create the reality of a large fuller bun. If you choose to do this hair at home, this looks very simple to recreate. You start by curling your hair and creating a high messy bun with the top half of your hair and a lower one just above the base of your neck.

Twisted Bun Updo

This gorgeous updo is perfect for those with short hair. While the pinwheel bu holds a classy look, the loose hair around the neck adds a soft flare to the style.

Elegant Bun for Short Hair

This looks creates the reality of longer hair. Pulling all the hair up from the next and leaving only a few strands around the face creates this particular hairstyle.

Straight Hair with a Side Braid
This is just the perfect hairstyle for your prom night. So if you have short hair, you can easily achieve this look at home. Tease your hair around the crown to add body and keep hair from looking flat, then braid a small section on one side from the from of your hair.

Other Nice Prom Hairstyle for Long and Short Hairs

  • Elegant Twist Updo
    This gorgeous look is a great way to show off your highlighted locks. It brings out the beauty in you and will definitely go with your prom dress for those who have long hair.
  • Messy Bum with Lon Side Pieces
    This is also another hairstyle to consider for those with long hair. For a perfect promise that will go really well with just about any dress, opt for a side french braid near the crown and a curled messy bun.
  • Elegant Curled Prom Style
    If you searching for the perfect hairstyle for prom, this will help you stand out on your big night. You can consider this option. If you want to try this, then be sure to start off with a texturizing spray to create hold in the loose hair.
  • Long Cascading Curls
    Hair for prom does not have to be all the way up. So a sassy pony with tons of volume just like will go perfectly well with the dress. pair the long hair look with long earrings and also sparkly bracelets on your prom night.

Some other Prom Hairstyles to choose from,m

  • Fishtail Florette Updo
  • Classic French Twist
  • Tousled Updo for Long Hair
  • Twisted Side Roll Updo

African Bridal Hairstyle For Upcoming Bride

bridal wedding hairstyles

African Bridal Hairstyle is what every bride looks forward to because they are after what will drive people’s attention to them. What is a wedding without an amazing hairdo? Well, every bride knows she’s going to be the main focus and the center of attention on her big day. However, beautiful bridal hair is the top priority. Although it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the so many wedding hairstyles out there.

bridal wedding hairstyles

It would be advisable to decide what exactly features are very vital essential to you. Buns, curls, natural styles, or even fully accessorized? Below is some amazing African Bridal Hairstyle For Upcoming Bride, all you need take your time to select the best that will make me as amazing as ever.

Natural wedding hairstyles:

African bridal natural hair

Wedding hairstyles for black women with natural hair haven’t always been so common. However, the natural hair movement has drastically increased the popularity of black women getting married in their amazing natural hair. Big thanks to the versatility of black women out there, natural hair brides have endless continuous wedding hairstyles to select from.

Low Bun Hairstyles:

wedding hairstyle

This is also another type of African Bridal hairstyle for black women, it is easy, pretty, and also smart. You surely can’t go wrong with a low as a bridal hairstyle.

Floral Wedding Hair Pieces:

wedding hairstyleThis type of bridal hair is whimsical and Feminine. This bridal hairpiece can take any wedding hairstyles from plain to beautiful. Some brides fresh use fresh flowers while some use flowery bridal hairpieces, but the results are always amazing.

Braided wedding hairstyles:

Bridal Hairstyle

The hassle-free bride might decide to style box braids rather than take them down for a new look. This type is always cute and unique.

Elaborate wedding hairstyles:

African Bridal hairsyle

some brides just like it very simple and unique, and some like it extra. These more elaborate bridal hairstyles add exquisite to the bride’s entire look.

Finger Waves with a beaded barrette

finger waves
This wedding hairstyle for Black women is just perfect for attractive or romantic wedding beauty. This as well is another African Bridal hairstyle to consider which will give you the best and amazing look

Some Other African Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

  • Classic Bridal Hair Packed to the back in curly rows
  • Simple Bridal hairdo packed into a kinky bun
  • Side part bridal paced into a voluminous chignon
  • Gorgeous side bridal hair with curled bun
  • Beautiful, brown hair with stiff, raised frontal
  • Middle part bridal hair with bun packed under an exquisitely woven hair accessory

Tips on Selecting the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

There are some tips you will need to consider while choosing the perfect and amazing wedding hairstyle. Here are some tips you need to consider

  • Research
    You need to do a little research before you head out to the hairdresser, You can take your time to check Some social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, use them all to your advantage and talk to your stylist about it.
  • Ask Around
    Also if you have already attended some wedding before, you might have seen a bride or two with hair that really caught your attention. Don’t be shy to give them a call about their process for getting that amazing wedding hairstyle. They might have some advice on what to try and what to also avoid.
  • Think About Your Dress
    I am sure you must have invested so much time and money also into your wedding dress, and you will want to show it off. If you choose a simple wedding dress neckline, you might want to play up to your hair with tousled curls or something fairer.
  • Book a trial appointment
    This is very important because you do not want to regret the look you choose, so booking a trial appointment or two is the key to looking good on your wedding day. Your trial appointment is the time to find that out before your big day.
  • Choose a realistic style for you
    Hair texture, length, and also thickness all come into play when trying different wedding hairstyles. You will need to consider extensions for volume if you have thin hair but want large beachy waves.
  • Think About the Weather
    Weather can be your foe and also your friend in the hair department. It is very important to choose a hairstyle if the weather can be unfriendly or not so it won’t mess up your Big Day.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces and Types of Hair Textures

short hair

Hairstyles for Oval Faces and types of Hair Textures: The good news is if you have an oval face shape, you have the chance and options to select when it comes to choosing the right haircut. However, no matter how your face shape, it might be difficult for you to select a hairstyle. If your type has an oval shape, then you possess the most versatile shape for hairstyles.

Meanwhile, to find the right hairstyle that best fits you, you need to also consider your hair type and also the texture in addition to your face shape. Below are beautiful and long hairstyles for oval faces

Sleek Ponytail

The Best Sleek ponytail for oval faces is the low one. It offers an amazing style that matches the almost perfect features of the oval shape.

Beachy Waves for Long Hair and Oval Face

This hairstyle for an oval face is really cool. This wavy-cut makes it quite easier to style with texture and volume. Blonds curly and also wavy hair like is must try. it Will look good in your outfit.

Curtain Bangs

Low-maintenance and stylish, The forehead will remain covered while the bang width will widen for a better balance up top. This hairstyle really does exist, most especially when paired with a long layered haircut. The forehead will be left covered while the bang width will widen for a better balance up.

Full Fringe

This is also another hairstyle you can consider if you are the type that has an oval face most especially if have a larger forehead. You need to make sure the length sits at or just below your eyebrows for the most flattering effect.

Polished Pixie

With an oval face, you as well afford to go short, super-short if you wish to. A pixie haircut mimics the overall shape of the head and brings out the natural beauty of an oval face.

Other Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces

  • Side-Parted Pixie
  • Grown-out Pixie
  • Wavy Bob
  • Modern Shag
  • Angled Bob
  • Structured undercut
  • Feathered Shag

Different types of Hair Textures

Hair Textures tell you and describe the circumstances of your hair. A lot of women out there, their hair is their pride and joy. From straight and fine to thick and curly, every single girl’s hair is beautiful in its own way. But there are different types of hair textures that might have some limitations. Some tend to be strong and frizz quickly, while some others can’t even curl.

You do not and also can’t control the type of your hair and its texture, but you can at least learn to take care of them in a proper way. However, below are the different types of hair Texture we have.

  • Fine Hair
    Fine hair is considered the most delicate texture, this is so because it can easily get damaged. It as well tends to be oilier than other hair types. Meanwhile, it can fall flat against your head for the reason that it is very light.
  • Medium Hair
    Medium hair covers your scalp so well, it is well known as the most common type of hair texture and usually looks thick. it is not as delicate as thin hair, but it can be manipulated into different hairstyles easily.
  • Coarse Hair
    This is another type of hair texture which is known as coarse hair, can aso be called thick hair. It is strong and normally takes longer to dry than other types of hair textures. It can be resistant to different chemical treatments, can as well tolerate heat, and also breakage.

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women

short hair

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women: When it comes to the question of how to style short hair, so many women out there just come to the conclusion that it is all only about the cut since there are hardly any other ways of spicing their short hair look. However, if you are one of them who thinks in such a manner, here we are here to prove you wrong, cuts are very important though but there is still something else you need to know.

The thing is that short hair does not mean style limitation. There are so many fancy hairdos to give yourself a trial with your short hair. It might be quite challenging learning to style short hair but looking gorgeous is all that matters. Below are some nice hairstyles for short hair.

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women

When you sport a long pixie, the messier it is, the better. And if your hair is waved messily, then it looks more textured and alive. All you need is flat iron and hairspray, just pick very little strands when curling, spraying each look one by one. Make sure you don’t forget to run your fingers through waves to create a messy result

Cool Pixie With Undercut

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women
The most flattering hairstyles are quite the easiest. This is another way to style your short hair, a hair pomade will perfectly be enough to get such a cutie. Just take a bit of a product and then apply it all over the top, styling it to the side. It is better to use a water-based pomade to add some shine and for better hold for straight hair.

Side Swept Crop

short hair
This is particular style can be worn for different types of occasions. The slight swoop adds a bit of volume.

Short Blunt Bob

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women
This is another gorgeous hairstyle for short hair that will give you an amazing and unique look. This is a look that is about pristine hair texture and a jawline you want to show off.

Curly Bob

short hair
This particular style has been very popular on runways. Curly Bob goes with any outfits you decide to select for the different types of occasion.

If you are blessed with natural texture, there is nothing wrong with keeping a very simple via a TWA or Teeny Weenie Afro. This particular look gives you that vibes like no other and is quite easy to maintain.

Versatile Lob

short hair
If you are searching for a short haircut that is not very too short or too long, then you don’t need to bob it, but lob it. Some ladies find more value with a cut that looks unique in its own right. a lob is a perfect look for you.

Some Other Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women

  • Slicked-Back Hair
  • Tousled Pixie
  • Slick Pixie
  • Short Layered Hair
  • Braided Short Hairstyles
  • Short Layered Hair

 Protective Hairstyles and Ways to Protect the Hair

Protective hairstyles

Protective Hairstyles and Ways to Protect the Hair: This is any different style that allows you to keep the ends of the hair tucked away and reduces manipulation. It simply means allowing your hair to rest a bit and protecting it from hair damages. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow your hair or prevent hair damage, protective hairstyles can help make all the difference in your mane’s overall health, most especially for those with Afro-textured hair.

However., Braids, twists, and faux locks are just a few popular protective hairstyles you might come across while scrolling through social media. Below are some hot protective hairstyles that you can choose or select from to give you a stunning look.

Different Types of Protective Hairstyles to Choose

Marley Twists

Protective hairstyle
This twist gets their full appearance from the required hair extensions that are actually named after reggae legend Bob Marley, who was well known for his freedom locs. This protective hairstyle allows you to flaunt a lovely pattern throughout your length over and under itself with Marley braid extensions to build a two-strand look that gives off a textured, natural finish.

Box Braidsbox braids

This is also another protective hairstyle you must have likely heard about. This particular style can be worn on just about any length of hair and looks gorgeous when the hair extensions are added to create thicker and also longer braids.

Knotless Braids:

Protective knotless
Knotless braids are versatile ar every easy to style and are versatile to style. This style is created using a feed-in braid technique rather than creating a knot at the root like with traditional box braids. Your braids will not be too heavy on your scalp, which can actually help the risk of hair breakage.

Senegalese twists:


Also known as rope twists are beautifully twisted protective hairstyles that were originated from the Senegal area in West Africa. This style requires dividing parts of your hair and twisting them around each other to form a larger twist.

Goddess Locs

goddess locks

If you are searching for a more boho faux look, then consider this style for yourself. Goddess Locs are lightweight, and also easy to style in different ways you choose to. The locs are left loos and curly to give off a more bohemian vibe. It requires specific braiding and also wrapping techniques.

Pineapple Updo

protective hairstyle
This is a protective hairstyle too that can be worn to bed and out on the town. You will need to gather your curls at the top of your head ad if you were to create a high ponytail.

Other Protective Hairstyles

  • Side Swept Cornrows
  • Crown Braid
  • Fulani Braids with Beads
  • Passion Twists
  • Plaited Updo
  • Faux Fishtail Braid

Ways to Protect Natural Hair

  • Use protective styles to your advantages
  • Double up on nutrients
  • Don’t put your hair in a protective style and forget about it
  • Use steam to moisturize your hair
  • Stay Away from Heat
  • Trim, trim, trim
  • Use an anti-humectant to seal in moisture

Benefits of Protective Styling

You already know that protective styling is one of the ways to protect your hair from natural elements. Below are the benefits of protective styling.

  • Low maintenance: If you are the kind of person who loves rolling out to bed, then a protective style is great. A protective style is high-maintenance when you are making your hair, but after that, you are giving your hair some much-needed rest.
  • Helps retain Length: Protective styles prevent breakage, which increases your chances of seeing length retention. If your hair is the type that breaks very as it grows, then you will not see much growth month to month, so making a protective style will change all that.
  • Maintain Moisture: Another benefit of protective styles is that in maintaining moisture When your hair is not in a protective style, you might have tangling, dryness, or even breakage which can later result in moisture loss. Getting rid of these factors can really assist you to lock in moisture.