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Benefit of Hair Steaming and How to Steam Your Hair Video

Benefit of Steaming Hair and How to Steam Your Hair: Does your hair seem to appear lifeless and damaged despite using so many good products? Then you might likely want to try hair steaming to nourish it from the inside out. The level of your hair texture is what will determine how well your mane retains moisture.

What is Hair Steaming ?

This simply means using moist heat to hydrate dry and dull hair. it encourages blood flow to circulate which helps to promote the growth of your hair. The steam allows moisture to penetrate which later provides longer and healthier hair growth. However, if your hair is dry, it becomes hard and later starts breaking

benefits of hair steamingIt doesn’t matter the kind of hair you have, wavy, curly, straight, or even kinky hair, steaming is an effective way to renew and moisturize the hair cuticles and also the follicles. Using steam is a natural hair care hack that helps manipulate how well hair absorbs moisture and the products you later apply.

In Addition, It is clear that steaming is among the best ways to take care of your hair if you want shiny and healthy hair.

Benefits of Hair Steaming and How to Steam

There are so many good things that can come from hair steaming. If you are so convinced that steaming is right for your strands, then consider the following points

  • It helps with deeper conditioning: It doesn’t matter what your curl type, moisture is the key goal, and hair steaming, while an extra step in what might be a daunting wash and style process for you, it worth the added minutes.
  • Makes Hair Shiny: Another benefit of Steaming hair is that it also increases the production of natural oils and improves moisture retention which later gives the hair a shiny and healthy look.
  • Keeps Hair Healthy: Curly hair is fragile and might need some extra Tender loving care for extra strength and health. However, steaming your hair renews its moisture and then allows other hair care products to enter the hair cuticles very easily which boosts its health.
  • Softens Hair: Another benefits is that Steaming creates a humid environment and opens up the hair cuticles. The moisture penetrating the hair cuticles makes dry, dull, or even damaged hair much softer and smoother.
  • Help Reduce Hair Breakage: This is also another benefit of steaming the hair, it helps moisture to perforate the hair cuticles and strengthen the hair strands.
  • Relaxes pore on the skin
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Hair Steaming Encourage circulation of blood flow on your head that promote hair growth.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Steaming

benefits of hair steaming



Combine With a Conditioning Agent
Apply a deep conditioner or a natural hair oil like coconut oil before steaming most especially if you have straight, relaxed hair.

Set a Routine
Depending on your hair, you should set up a routine for steaming your hair. You should steam your hair at least once a week to get positive results.

Cool your Hair
It is important to cool your hair by rinsing it with cold water, it will ensure the moisture does not leave or escape your hair, and the benefits of steaming stay locked in.

Keep a Wash Cloth Handy
There might be some dripping of the hot water droplets or conditioning products if you use a hot towel or steam cap. You will need to wipe it off with a washcloth to avoid irritation or also burning of your skin.

Don not Cover
Do not cover your hair with a shower cap or towel if you are using the hooded steamer or handheld steamer. Direct exposure of the steam man your hair works best to give you all the ultimate benefits of steaming.

Avoid Styling Equipment
Post steaming your hair, avoid using a blow dryer with heat setting or other styling equipment which uses heat to prevent heat damage to your hair.


Do not Over Do
You should not steam your hair regularly or else it can lead to hair fall which you will not like at all.

Products for Steaming

  • Bowl
  • Coconut Oil or argan oil
  • Honey
  • Comb
  • Hair Mayonaise
  • Shea butter
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How to Steam Your Hair

You can decide to steam your hair at a saloon home, it is your choice as long as you get is done properly giving your hair that healthy and shiny look which is very important.

At a Saloon: Salons use a hair steaming machine that provides even steam throughout the scalp and hair. The salon professional will tie your hair into a bun after a good 15-20 minutes of oil massage. The steamer will be lowered to your forehead. You will then be given steam-protecting goggles that will protect your eyes. However, this treatment will last for about 20-15 minutes but depending on your hair type, density, and even your hair length.

At Home: You can steam your hair at home as well after massaging your hair with coconut oil or argan oil. The use of a face steamer also can be used for treating sinusitis/ cold. Steam your hair and allow the steam to get to your scalp and hair. The steam each section for about 15 minutes. But those with kinky or curly hair can go ahead apply an air moisturizer at this point.

How Often Should You Steam Your Hair

You can steam your hair twice a month, but if your the type has curly, kinky, or even low porosity hair, you might want to steam once every week. Steaming twice a month can help treat brittle and damaged hair. Always remember not to over steam your hair so as to avoid softening your hair roots and causing hair fall. Steaming is not the type of thing you do every day.

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Who Should Steam Their Hair?

Steaming is for all types. But it is very important for people with brittle, damaged, dull, curly, and also low porosity. Steaming will keep the hair moisturized, smooth, and even healthy. Those with low hair growth can steam their hair for faster hair growth.



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