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 Oils for Natural Hair Growth and Benefits of using Oils

Oils for natural hair growth are very important because as ladies we all want to maintain good quality hair. When it comes to maintaining and also protecting your natural hair, there are many products available. However, before you try any of these natural oils, it is very essential to know which ones will work perfectly for you your hair type and texture.

oil for Natural hair growth

Using hair oils in your hair care is most trending. For years, people have used oils for so many medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Now you can find them in many shampoos, serums, and other hair products. You can as well use oil to make your own hair care treatments.

Meanwhile, below are the benefits of using Natural oils In Hair

Benefits of Oils: for Natural Hair Growth

  • It Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Combats dry Scalp and Dandruff
  • It also helps prevent and remedy heat and styling damage
  • It prevents oily hair
  • Natural oils add shine to the hair
  • It reduces exposure to chemical and other non-natural ingredients
  • Natural oil also Nourishes the hair

 Oils for Natural Hair Growth: Oils to use on Natural Hair

So many women out there wonder which oils are the best to use in their hair. Here i will list and explain the oil that is very good to use and also helps the growth of their. This guide will break down some different types to help you select the right types of oils to nourish healthy hair.

Coconut Oil

This is one of the most versatile oils in existence and it is very good for the skin. We all know coconut oil comes from coconut. It contains a large number of fatty acids which allow it to penetrate hair deeply without evaporating. However coconut oils are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, and also vitamins which are essential for good hair health,

Ideal for: All types of hair but most particularly those that have dry hair, dull or damaged hair. it will work well for those trying and wishing to repair breakable hair and split ends and it is recommended for those that have slow hair growth.

Benefits: Coconut oils have so many benefits, including protecting against heat damage and also repairing damaged and broken hair, it will prevent hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth if used regularly. Coconut oils tend to improve the looks of hair by helping it become moisture and adding a beautiful healthy shine,

How to use it

Use organic oil whenever you can, Since it is solid at room temperature, heating it up will soften it and then allow for easier application.

However, for those with dry scalp, all you need to do is apply to the hair including the roots then leave it for about 30 minutes and wash off with your usual free shampoo. If you can treat your hair at least once a week with the help of coconut oil, it will protect it against damage and keep it looking shiny also.

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Argan Oil

This is also one of the best oils to use for hair growth most especially on natural hair, This oil is gotten from nuts which are produced from argan trees. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamins E.

This oil doesn’t only make your hair looks wonderful and shiny, but it also so many qualities. It sometimes referred to as Liquid Gold due to its rich golden color.

Ideal: Frizzy, Dry, or coarse hair that is regularly styled and exposed to heat. It is also ideal for people with hair that needs to get greasy.

Benefits: It protects the hair against damage from UV rats and heat, and also moisturises and smoothes hair which later makes hairs soft and manageable.

How to use it

Argan oil is brutal and can be poured at room temperature. It is recommended use is to pour a few drops into your hands, then rub them together, and you will apply them to your hair, avoiding the roots. Argan oil can be applied to damp or dry hair and works great as a quick anti-frizz treatment.

Jojoba Oil

This is a product of the jojoba plant which is ideal for use in the hair since it shares many characteristics with sebum. Jojoba oil has antibacterial qualities. This oil is a great moisturiser.

Ideal: For damaged, dry or dull hair and also those who have dandruff and scalp issues.

Benefits: It moisturises the hair, and also prevents dandruff and dry scalp. Jojoba also makes hair very soft and shiny

How to use

Jojoba oil can be used in a few different ways. You can use it by applying a few drops to your conditioner or also adding it straight to the ends of your hair after shampooing.


Sweet Almond Oil

This comes from the Kernels inside almond. It comes from edible almonds that have been mainly grown to have a sweet taste, Sweet almond oil is very good for your hair which contains vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants along with magnesium. This particular oil helps to reduce breakage and also helps it to grow well. But those with mineral deficiencies are likely to have slow growth and hair loss so applying almond oils into your diet will greatly be of help.

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Ideal for: Dandruff, dry and damaged hair, and also those with slow-growing hair or loss issues.

Benefits: Sweet almond oil moisturises and protects hair and also protects against hair loss and breakage . Frequently helps you grow longer and stronger hair.

How to use it

Warm one tablespoon of oil and then rub it into the scalp. You can now leave it on overnight and wash it the next morning. You can also apply almond oil after your shampoo to restore moisture in the hair and prevent breakage and split ends. Rub a few drops onto your clean palms and smooth it onto towel-dried hair.

Others are:

  • Olive Oil: This is another oil which can be used on the hair. It is another extremely versatile hair which is gotten from pressing olives. If used frequently, olive oil can replace the need to use conditioner and other hair-smoothing products.

Ideal for : Damaged, dry, frizzy, and also dry hair and those who are prone to dandruff

Benefits: It protects the hair from heat damage, imparts a sleek look and shine, and also fixes broken hair appearances

How to use it: You can use it as a weekly hair treatment on dry hair, Be sure to shampoo hair properly, then rinse with cold water. You don’t need to use conditioner after olive oil treatment. This oil also fight dandruff,

  • lavender Oil: This is also an important oil which is gotten from lavender flowers. It helps to promote hair growth, The hair follicles that grow when the scalp is treated with lavender oil are rooted more deeply causing less hair loss of hair

Ideal for: All hair types, most especially those who tend to have oily hair in the front and also back and dry scalp in some other areas.

Benefits: It promotes hair growth without the side effects that is caused by other topical hair growth products. Lavender oil also prevents hair loss, moisturises the scalp, and balances sebum production,


How to use it: We already know that this oil is an essential oil that is mix with a carrier oil such as warm olive or coconut oil. If you using it as a scalp massage, you will have to mix eight drops of lavender oil with two tablespoons of a carrier oil and massage into the scalp.

Other Oil to Consider

  • Grape-seed Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Tee Tree Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Rose Oil

Things to Consider When Using Natural Oil in Your Hair

There are few things you will have to consider once you have decided to add all natural oils into your hair care. Knowing your hair needs and also the types of oils that work best for you. Below are some of the things you have to consider when using Natural Oil

  • Consider your hair type and needs: every hair types is so different, and it might take a while to figure out which is the best for your needs.
  • When using essential oil, it is advisable to never apply them directly to the scalp or hair. They do not dilute in water and must be used with a carrier oil. All you need to do is test a drop of oil on your skin to be assured it works perfectly for you.
  • Also be sure not to use too much, since oil is greasy, you should use it lightly. Make sure you wash your hands carefully with a quality alcohol free shampoo after any hair treatment which contains oil.
  • Also high-quality, minimally processed oils. Use organic all-natural oils whenever it is needed and possible. These types of oils maintain their natural levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
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Hair Types and the Best Oils for Each

Knowing your type of hair is very important, Most people combination of hair and scalp issue, so experimenting with different combination of oils and hair treatment is the goal to finding the ones that works perfectly for you

  • Dry scalp: jojoba oil, lemongrass oil
  • Dry, dull hair: sweet almond oil, grape-seed oil, jojoba oil
  • Hair loss: sweet almond oil, lemongrass oil
  • Slow-growing hair: coconut oil and sweet almond oil
  • Damaged hair: coconut oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil

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