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Hair Breakage Causes, Treatment and How to stop Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage: It does not matter if it a few strands or much chunk, any amount of hair breakage or damaged hair can be quite stressful, and this stress of of the main causes of hair loss. People can experience hair breakage that affects different types of hair from straight to curly hair. It can make hair coarse or frizzy at the ends, top or ends of the head.

hair breakage

However, in most cases, hair breakage is temporary, and people can fix their hair and revive its strength by using products and yes of course home remedies.


What is Hair Breakage?

The First things first, you need to unfamiliar with hair breakage because breakage is a lot different from shedding and it might seem like one and the same, but they are really different. Breakage happens when the actual strand shreds. Most times, you won’t notice full hairs on the ground but rather little pieces of hairs.

Causes of Hair Breakage

Below are causes of Hairbreakage:

  • Hair Products and styling
    Products that perming or relaxing the hair contain chemicals that can make hair weak and make it more likely to break. Also some shampoo can cause the hair to break, and then become hard and turn frizzy.
  • Over-Brushing
    Another cause of hair breakage is over-brushing, too much can cause breakage.People might not need to brush their hair as much as they think.
  • Heat and Lack of Moisture
    Regularly using heat on the hair can damage the hair shafts and remove the moisture from the hair, which also can cause brittle hair and hair breakage. Also Hot weather and humid climates can also dry the hair out and then increase the chances of breakage.
  • Towel Drying
    Rubbing wet hair with a towel can damage the hair, increase freeze and cause breakage. Wet hair breaks easily than dry hair. Rather of rubbing the hair, try wrapping a towel around it to absorb the moisture or allowing it dry naturally in the hair.
  • Not having Regular Haircuts
    A lack of regular haircuts can result in slit ends. These broken ends might make the hair more likely to break higher up, nearer the hair shaft. Getting daily haircuts, even when someone is growing out their hair, can help to keep their hair very healthy and also very strong.
  • Diet
    Nutrition plays a vital role in promoting healthy hair. If people are different in certain nutrients, they might weakened hair that appears dry, dull, or brittle. Many nutrient deficiencies might also lead to hair loss. Eggs and fish contain biotin which is very vital for healthy hair hair growth.
  • Stress
    This also can cause hair damage and a condition called telegen. Stress or severe shock can cause the hair roots to reach the resting stage of their growth cycle.
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How to Tell If You Have Broken Hair

hair breakage


It is quite easy to tell if your hair is broken of even shedding. Hair that has shed is coming straight from the follicle, However, broken hairs are normally fragments and little pieces of hair that you can spot in sink or float when your brush or comb too. Broken hair will also look dry and dull and feel rough to the touch.

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

There are different ways to prevent Breakage, but fixing a broken strand is not attainable. However to prevent breakage follow these tips below:

  • Keep your hair moisturized: One of the main causes your hair is breaking off might be that you are not applying enough moisture to your hair. It is very important to obey this rule if your hair is curly because it is prone to becoming strong and breaking off. All you need to do is pamper your hair take good care of it.
  • Target split ends early on: Always use a daily split end sealer. Be sure to use a nourishing leave-in conditioner that helps smooth and seal split ends right after you detangle and as curl refresher in between wash.
  • Braid your hair up before shampooing: Whenever you want to wash your hair, try putting your hair into jumbo braids and then shampooing to cut down in tangles, which also can lead to breakage.
  • Go easy on the heat: Another cause of breakage is blow drying and flat ironing on a daily basis which can take its toll on strands. Try to rely on heat-free tools just like flexi rods or hair rollers whenever possible. Be sure to apply heat protectant and then use tools on a low heat setting if you wish to use heat.
  • Use a pre-wash moisturizer: Give your hair and extra shot of moisture on wash day by saturating strands with a rich conditioner and leaving it for about 15 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.
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Treatments for Hair Breakage

Consider these four breakage treatments if your strands still need more assistant.

  • Deep Treat: One of the easiest and quickest fixes for hair breakage is to apply moisture back into it with a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. Also another hair breakage is to apply a serum and do steam to help add back the moisture and elasticity hair needs.
  • Switch to a co-wash: If your hair is drier, as most curly hair is, then consider cutting back on your shampoo use in favor of co-washing. A cleansing conditioner will be even better and more gentle on your hair.
  • Trim Regularly: You do not have to wait for tons of breakage to get your hair cut. Make sure you get your hair trimmed in a regular basis. Going to see your hair stylist can help reduce breakage.
  • Hair Steaming: Consider steaming your Hair as Regular hair steaming stop Breakage.

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