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21 Braided Hairstyles You Need to Try Next

Braided hairstyles are versatile, trendy, and perfect for various occasions. Whether you’re going for a casual look or an elegant updo, here are 21 braided hairstyles you might want to
box braids

How Long Do Box Braids Last – Braiding Advantage and Disadvantage

The duration that box braids last can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the braiding technique, the type of hair extensions used, your hair’s natural growth rate,
Box Braid

31+ Best Box Braids Hairstyle You need to try

We all know how box braids are loved by so many women that they can’t do without a hairstyle. Especially, celebrities. Celebrities tend to make beautiful and trending styles of
Triangle Box Braids

20+ Box Braid Idea to Try in 2021 | Season Hairstyles

If you are a fan of box braid and you are looking at switching your hairstyles on braids, then this article is for you. Even if you are a hairstylist,
knotless braids

How to Style Knotless Braids to have Looking Beautiful Always

Knotless Braids must-have protective styles. These braids are not only beautiful, but they are also kinder to your hair.   Knotless braids do not use the tight knot that is