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Hair Growth: Quick Tips For Long Hair and How to Massage Oils on Scalp

Hair Growth: Are you someone who has very long and amazing hair, doesn’t care attitude? compared to short hair, long hair is more exposed to tangles, dryness, damage, and discoloration and it requires more attention.

hair growth


However, with the fast pace of our lives, wanting and caring for long hair and flowing locks can be very troublesome at times. But if you follow some simple tips and also making few changes in your lifestyle, you can care for your long and natural hair.


Hair Growth: Best Tips to Maintain Long Hair

  • Cleanliness of Hair and Scalp:
    Cleanliness plays a vital part in maintaining a healthy body and as well as for your hair. Your scalp needs to be healthy as it affects the growth rate of your hair and builds a well-perfect environment for your hair to grow. You need to start taking care of your scalp, to make your hair very strong and lessen reduce hair loss, resulting in nutrients and blood reaching the hair follicles.
  • Oiling Tips
    I am very sure you won’t deny the fact that a good oil massage really helps the scalp. A good oil massage is regarded as one of the best remedies to assist your hair to grow longer and offer relaxation. Oiling the roots of your hair brings back the dead shafts. And helps your hair grow long and strong by providing the sources with nutrition. You can go ahead and use coconut oil, almond oil, or even lavender to massage your hair to promote hair growth.
  • Shampooing
    One of the reasons for shampooing hairs is to rid your scalp and hair of all dirt and also products buildup. But now most of the shampoo products out there in the market contain sulfates. Which you might likely get vulnerable to breakage, frizzy, and also brittle hair if there is excess use of products that have sulfates in them.
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So, to avoid stripping your hair’s natural oils, depending on your hair types and need too, select a sulfate-free shampoo that will prevent any kind of hair breakage. But always make sure you are gentle while shampooing

Other Tips and Quick Ways For Long Hair

  • Avoid Blow-Drying Too Often
    Blowdryer is one of the standard instruments found in every women’s styling accessories list, but using the blow dryer can make your hair rough and breakable when used in the hot air option. This is one of the tips that will help you in taking care of long hair.
  • Comb Choices
    Tangles are one of the issues of having long hair. But the good thing is that you can remove large knots by brushing your hair regularly. Comb your hair from the bottom and you can then work up gradually to detangle your hair and prevent damage or pulling, most particularly when your hair is dry. Comb your long and amazing hair with a wide-toothed comb to avoid injury. For better blood circulation, always comb your hair before bedtime, this gives you the best long hair sleeping tips.
  • Skip Towel Drying
    A lot of us are used to drying our hair with a towel, but do you know this process increases the chances of breakage if you use rough movements. So it is advisable to either air dry it or use a soft towel to pat your hair dry. There is a high possibility of making your hair rough, frizz, flyaway, and tangles if you use bath towels to dry your hair.
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Make use of microfiber towels as they help to reduce the drying time of your hair with their high water-absorbing power, and they are also thin.


How to Massage Oils on You Hair

  • First Warm up the oil of your choice
  • Now use your fingertips to apply the oil to the roots and massage in a circular motion
  • Then allow the oil soak into your scalp
  • Use a hot towel and wrap your head with it
  • Now leave it there before at least one hour
  • Then use a light shampoo and cold water to wash your hair

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