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Egg Yolk on Hair, Benefits of Using it and How to Use on Hair

Egg Yolk on hair is truly nature’s gift to haircare. they are yellow parts at the center of an egg. They contain high levels of cholesterol.

egg yolk

The nutrients that are naturally contained in egg yolk are also the same ones that are healthy glossy hair. Most people apply egg to their scalp as a treatment for hair loss, brittle hair and also try to grow faster.


Amazing Benefits of Using Egg Yolk on Hair

Eggs are readily available in some households can be a wonderful inexpensive solution to all hair-related issues. Some amazing benefits of eggs on hair are:

  • Support Hair Growth
    Eggs have an abundance of proteins that serve as nutrition for hair growth. It also helps the healthy new growth of hair.
  • Restricts Hair Loss
    This is another amazing benefit of egg on the hair, it helps in making the hair follicle stronger, which stimulates the scalp by strengthening the hair roots, If you have stronger hair, it is less expected to break and fall.
  • Enhance Hair Elasticity
    Egg yolk is high in lutein which hydrates the hair in improving its elasticity. use of egg yolk on the hair helps in developing resistance to breakage which might result in fewer split ends.
  • Adds Shine
    Frequent use of eggs on hair nourishes dull hair with a healthy shine. It helps keep the hair’s natural oils unlike shampoos which normally strip them away
  • Fosters Repair
    The protein in eggs helps build and heal the damaged structure of the hair which will make the hair thicker and also less breakable. however, those with thin, lifeless hair might particularly benefit from the use of eggs.
  • Improves Texture
    Adding eggs to hair makes it very smooth and revamps the texture. they act as a conditioner and can do the work of moisturizing dry hair.
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Which Part of the Egg is Good For Your Hair?

You need to take your hair type into account when talking about which part of the eggs is more beneficial for your hair. Some ladies with oily hair choose whites, while some with dry hair go for the yolks. Below are the reasons why:

  • White: The White part of an egg is actually the richest source of protein, which also contains minerals, such as niacin, magnesium, potassium, and also sodium. all of which helps the hair to grow. Those with oily hair prefer to use just the whites as they help control oil production while nourishing your hair.
  • Yolk: The Yoik is also protein-rich but less than the white part. The fatty content of the yolk makes it great conditioning ingredients which makes it why most ladies with dry hair use this.
  • Whole: If you choose to use the whole egg, itbwill help the hair to reap the combined benefits of the white and the yolk. But this is ideal for women with combination and normal hair.

How to Apply Egg on Dry Hair

Like I said earlier, the egg is very good for ladies with dry hair, as it helps to promotes sebum secretion to ensure moisturization of hair and scalp.

  • First, take 1 tablespoon of Mayonnaise and 1 egg
  • Then mix both the ingredients in a bowl
  • Now you will need to apply this paste from the root of the hair to the tip
  • Wash it off with cold water and mild shampoo after an hour or so
  • Then if you find the smell repulsive, give an apple cider vinegar hair rinse
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How to Apply

There are few ways to use egg on hair to strengthening and also grow your hair, but the most popular forms are creating an egg mask using an egg, with a few additional ingredients. Below are few options you can choose from:

  • Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Mask
    The egg yolk and olive oil mask are good for treating dry, breaking, and damaged hair. you will need 1 egg and 1 tablespoon with olive oil. You will leave it for at least an hour, after rinsing with lukewarm water to avoid cooking the egg.
  • Egg White, Aloe and Ginger Mask
    This helps the hair extra shiny and also helps to increase the rate at which hair grows. You will need 2 egg whites, 2 tablespoons, aloe gel, 1 tablespoon, and ginger juice. Then apply to dry hair and leave on for about 30minutes to an hour. Rinse out with warm water.
  • Yogurt, Egg, and Lemon Mask
    This is better for cleansing and clarifying hair that has been over-treated. You will to half cup plain yogurt, 1 whole egg, and 1 tablespoon of fresh juice. Mix together and apply to the hair and leave for about 45 minutes.

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