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Reasons Why Your Natural Hair isn’t Growing and Tips to Make your Hair Grow

Reasons Why Your Natural Hair isn’t Growing: Have you ever wondered why your natural hair isn’t growing the way it should grow? This is a very common problem among ladies with textured hair. So if you do not know the reasons why your natural hair isn’t growing, you might not be able to do anything to salvage the situation.

However, sometimes it isn’t that your hair isn’t growing. Your hair is growing but the length you actually get from growth doesn’t stay.

Reasons Why Your Natural Hair isn’t Growing

Reasons Why Your Natural Hair isn't


1 Damage From Heat Styling Equipment
Regular use of heat styling equipment such as blow dry, curling iron, and the like can make your hair very dry. This result gives you damaged hair and hampers its growth.


Your hands are Always in Your Hair
If you keep touching your hair all the time, whether with your hand, brush, or even comb, and you expect it to grow, you are only deceiving yourself, because whenever you do that, you are stressing your hair and it giving it split ends in the process. If you are the type that is always touching your hair, you can grab a satin bonnet or put on a protective hairstyle. Once you are able to do this, your hands won’t pay frequent attention to your hair and breakage will reduce. Also giving your hair space to breathe will grow well

Using Wrong Products
You can’t be using the wrong products on your hair and then expecting it to grow. Also using products that contain harsh chemicals can cause your natural hair to look frizzy and break

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Not Drinking Enough Water
Always know your skin and hair are a reflection of what goes inside you. That is why your hair needs moisture to survive while it is highly textured. Most times, the natural oils in your scalp usually don’t reach the ends of your hair. It is very important that you find another means to keep your moisturized


Not Trimming Your Hair When You Have Split Ends
Your hair ends split is as a result of dryness and also poor nutrition. To get rid of or avoid this, the best option is to trim your hair. You need to get rid of those unhealthy ends to prevent your natural hair from becoming dry and thin. Also if you are prone to split ends, try and always moisturize the ends of your hair

Washing Your Hair Daily
Washing your hair is a very healthy habit but it is detrimental to the health of your hair. This is so because every day of hair can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Your Health
This is another reason why your hair isn’t growing. it might be hormonal or a deficiency in an important nutrient your body needs

People have different growth hair spans. If you think and feel like your hair isn’t growing, it can be because you are comparing your growth phase to those who have a quicker one.


What are the Natural Hair Growth Tips to Make Sure Your Hair Grows Faster

The Natural Hair Groth tips help to ensure your hair grows healthy to give your hair a healthy look. If you wish your hair to grow faster, all you need to do is follow these simple tips below

  • Massage your scalp
  • Always Was Your Hair With Cold Water
  • Trim Your Daily
  • Don’t Heat Style Regularly
  • Use Egg Mask to Prevent Breakage
  • Moisturize Your Hair Regularly
  • Style Your Hair With Proper Caution
  • Put on Protective Hairstyles
  • Comb From Tip to Roots
  • Always Wash your Hair with Cold Water.

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