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Curly Weave Maintenance: How to Maintain | Restore Curly Weaves

There are tons of things women can do to maintain their curly weave. Hair tangling can be annoying. Like how annoying it is to have tangled hair, and how unpredictable your style can be.

Most people say straight hair is better but there’s something irresistibly gorgeous about curly hairs, and we wouldn’t change them for the world.

Curly Weave

Though, they are vulnerable to breakage. However, the big challenge MOST PEOPLE have is how to maintain and keep curly hair bouncy, and healthy hair. Follow the tips below to maintain your curly hair.

Curly WeaveTreatment Needed

Read the tips below carefully to learn how to care for curly weave so that it looks curly and healthy all the time. Below are the few things you will be needing to maintain your curly hair and keep it looking healthy always:

  • Water.
  • Hair moisturizing oil.
  • BabesMarket Keep the Curl.
  • Weave
  • Bowl
  • Say No to Heat tools.

So, basically, this is all you need to maintain your curly hair. Do you have any curly hair that is tangled and you are looking for how you can make it curly and healthy again? Then follow the steps below:

TIP 1 to Maintain Curly weave


Get your tangled hair and finger comb thoroughly (Make sure you can easily run your fingers through from the tips and then you find your way up).


You need to learn how to avoid brushing your curly hair when it’s really tangled. Doing this will result to hair breakage.

In a situation whereby you want to wash your hair, you have to detangle with your finger, then brush with a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb.

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TIP 2 Curly weave


Now that our hair is tangle-free, it is now time to prepare for our treatment.

Firstly, you pour little water into a bowl, add 2 drops of your moisturising oil, and 1 spoon of your BabesMarket Keep the Curl then mix thoroughly.

I see a lot of people apply just water, that is wrong. Though it looks beautiful for the first 2-3 hours, you are gradually reducing the life span of your hair!


TIP 3 Curly weave


Now that our treatment is set, the next step is to apply our treatment to the hair.

Gently apply the treatment on the hair and comb gently from the tips and find your way up. That’s just a simple way to maintain your curly hair.

Do this once or twice a week, depending on how often you wear the hair.

If you want the hair to maintain the wet look all day, all you have to do is hang the hair somewhere. Let it air-dry and wear without combing it out, you will have the wet look.



Lastly, avoid the usage of hot tools. It can dry out curly hair. So, it’s best to avoid heat styling as much as you can. But, if you need to, Kindly use an HEAT PROTECTANT.

We hope these tips help. That’s just the simple way to maintain and have your curly hair look beautiful always.


You can watch the video below to see the practical aspect of how you can maintain curly hairs.

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