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Best DIY Leave-In Conditioner For Curly Hair

Curly hair requires extra care and moisture to stay healthy and defined. Making your own DIY leave-in conditioner can be an excellent way to tailor it specifically to your hair’s needs. Here’s a simple and effective recipe for a DIY leave-in conditioner for curly hair:


  • Aloe Vera Gel: 1/4 cup

DIY Leave-In Conditioner

  • Coconut Milk: 1/4 cup (you can use canned coconut milk or make your own by blending coconut flakes with water and straining the mixture)

coconut milk

  • Argan Oil: 1 tablespoon (or any other lightweight carrier oil like jojoba oil)

DIY Leave-In Conditioner

  • Vegetable Glycerin: 1 tablespoon (helps attract and retain moisture)

Vegetable Glycerin

  • Essential Oil: 5-10 drops (optional, for a pleasant scent and added hair benefits)

Instructions DIY Leave-In Conditioner

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the aloe vera gel and coconut milk. Mix well until they form a smooth consistency.
  • Add the argan oil and vegetable glycerin to the mixture. Stir thoroughly to ensure all the ingredients are well combined.
  • If you choose to use lavender essential oil, add a few drops to the mixture and mix it in.
  • Transfer the mixture to a clean, empty spray bottle. A spray bottle makes it easier to apply the leave-in conditioner evenly throughout your hair.

How to Use:

  • Shake the spray bottle well before each use to ensure all the ingredients are mixed properly.
  • Start with damp, freshly washed hair. After shampooing and conditioning, gently squeeze out excess water with a microfiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. Be gentle to avoid causing frizz.
  • Section your hair and spritz the DIY leave-in conditioner from roots to tips, ensuring even coverage. Focus on areas that tend to get drier or more tangled.
  • Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to distribute the conditioner and detangle your hair gently.
  • Style your hair as desired, whether it’s air-drying, diffusing, or using other styling methods.
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Verdict on DIY Leave-In Conditioner

This DIY leave-in conditioner is designed to provide your curly hair with the much-needed moisture, nutrients, and frizz control without weighing it down. The combination of aloe vera, coconut milk, and argan oil helps to hydrate and define your curls, while the vegetable glycerin locks in moisture, giving your hair that extra boost. Feel free to adjust the ingredients based on your hair’s unique needs and preferences. Enjoy your luscious and well-nourished curls!


Everyone’s hair is unique, so you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients to suit your hair’s needs. If you find that your hair needs more moisture, you can increase the amount of aloe vera gel or carrier oil. Likewise, if your hair feels weighed down, reduce the amount of oil used. Experimentation will help you find the right balance for your curls. Enjoy your beautifully moisturized and defined curly hair!

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