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Hair Revamping: How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Hair Revamping: Hair Revamping simply means reviving, restoring, and bringing your old weaves, and wigs back to life with the hair looking all new and beautiful.

Meaning of Hair Revamping

Hair Revamping

Hair revamping simply means bringing your old wigs back to life so when you decide to use them, they will look as new as ever. Weaves are a very serious investment, most especially the very expensive ones. As long as you know how to revamp your old weaves, then it sure will last you for long.

However, it doesn’t matter the type of weave you decide to buy or the amount you spend to get them, there is a limited time to which they can last. Though they might look so sleek today with time, it will come when they begin to get tangled and dull.

So when this happens, you might be tempted to trash your old weave, When you find yourself in a situation where you wish to get rid of them, the best thing things to do in this situation to revamp your weaves to bring out the look it was when you bought it.

Hair Revamping brings your old weaves back to life and gives them a fresh look


Hair Revamping: Why Weaves Get Tangles, Old and Dry

There are many reasons weave loses its sheen and begins to look old, tangles, and also full. Some of the common reasons are:

Low Quality of Weave
If your weave is of very poor quality, it will look frizzy, unattractive, and dry within a short while.

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Exposure to the Sun
This is unavoidable as we go out almost every day of our lives. The sun damages your weaves making them so very dry.

Exposure to Hard Water
Hard water destroys human hair very fast. If your human hair is exposed to hard water regularly, it will lose its color and look so dry.

Material Needed to Revamp Your Old Weaves
You need to get some material ready before you decide to revamp your old weaves.

  • Plastic water
  • Deep conditioner
  • Small bucket/bowl
  • Moisturizing shampoo
  • Wide-toothed comb/ Hairbrush
  • Lukewarm water

How to Revamp Your Old Weaves

Detangle the Weave
You can use your hand to detangle the hair and then remove knots that can be in the weave. Then make use of the wide-toothed comb or hairbrush to further detangle the hair. While you are combing the hair, make sure to start with the tip of the hair and continue to the top so as not to pull out strands of the hair off the weft


Get Your Lukewarm Water Ready
Since you can’t get to determine the type of the weave, if it is heat resistant or not, then use lukewarm water to be on the safer side. Lukewarm water is suitable for any kind of weave, whether synthetic or human hair.

Soak for 30-35 Minutes
You will need to add shampoo to the water and soak the hair for about 30-35 minutes to allow the dirt to settle. After that, wash and rinse. But while washing, do not be hard on the hair because if so, it will tangle the weave more.

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Immerse the Hair in Deep Conditioner
You will need to soak the hair in a huge quantity of deep conditioner and make sure you condition the hair for a very long time.

Brush and Apply Conditioner Again
Brush it out after conditioning the weave for a very long to make it tangle-free, then apply conditioner again.

Put in Plastic Bag
Put hair weave in a plastic bag, or nylon without rinsing the conditioner out. The heat from the plastic bag moisturizes the hair faster.


Rinse and Apply Leave-in Conditioner
Rinse the weave with lukewarm water and then apply a leave-in Conditioner. But make sure you are applying a good leave-in conditioner because there are some leave-in-conditioner that can make hair look good after a while, the hair returns to its dry

Air-dry the Hair
You need to allow the hair to dry naturally. Do not apply heat because heat is most likely to run your weaves. Air-dry the leaves or wig as the case implies. If you need the hair urgently, then you can go ahead and blow-dry it.

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