Benefits of Blow Drying Your Hair and How to Blow Dry

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Benefits of Blow Drying Your Hair and How to Blow Dry: Hair has been considered the woman’s most eye-catching feature. Your hair does not matter, what really matters is its quality. However, one of the important tips to follow to maintain hair is to blow-dry it. Although blow drying is assumed to roughen hair and cause hair and also cause hair-fall. It is actually one of the most comfortable methods for women who need to leave early for work.

What is Blow Drying?

hair blow

A blow-dry is a method of styling the hair while drying it with a hand-held hairdryer. The meaning of Blow-dry is to dry and normal style the hair with a blow dryer.

Blow drying the hair actually helps to enhance your confidence and appearance to a whole new level. It is a step done with the help of a handheld hair dryer, normally used to dry and style the strands.

Benefits of Blow Drying Your Hair

  • Styles up Your Hair
    We adopt certain habits to maintain our hair and give it a shiny look. You may always notice that saloons make heavy usage of blow-dryers. Although using a blow dryer comes at last. It is actually the most important step which can’t be missed blow-drying can detain greasiness.
  • It increases the Volume of Your Hair
    Blow drying can be used for increasing the volume of your hair. It sometimes happens that our hairline begins to thin down with time or with age. Some might face infections or irritations on the scalp and decreases in the thickness of their hair.
  • It helps in easy Managing of Hair when you are in a hurry
    Some women find it difficult to manage their hair while leaving for the office. It is not right to tie wet hair into a bun because it can make the scalp swampy. A blow-dryer can be a boon. You can actually use it to dry up your hair, and then you are set to begin your day.
  • Better Results on the Use of Serum before Blow-drying
    Hairdryers, if properly used, would not cause any damage to your hair. Each time you are using a hairdryer, apply the serum to your hair which will help your hair maintain its shine of your without damaging it
  • It is easy and Comfortable to Use
    As your hair becomes dried up, it becomes lighter, gentle, and also softer. Glow-drying is something all women out there can actually practice at home, which keeps your hair unique and frizz-free for other styles.
  • Dries Hair Quickly
    Also using a blow dryer will dry your strands faster in comparison to the air or even the towel dry. You can also save money and time by ditching the expensive professional beauty salons.

How to Blow Dry Hair?

If you wish to straight or curly tresses faster at your home, then try the steps below to blow dry your hair.

  • First, you need to clean your strands using a shampoo followed by a hair conditioner. Then gently use a daily or microfiber towel to soak the excess water
  • You need to apply a heat protectant on your wet tresses from the roots towards the end using your fingers before you start.
  • Now set the dryer at the less heat setting. You can choose to use different nozzle attachments as per the requirement
  • Then Blow-dry your hair until they are straightened. If you wish to style your strands, then use a round comb


  • Do not overdo the blow-drying methods, as it can actually ruin your tresses
  • Only use the blow-drying once a week to avoid frail hair
  • Also, maintain a sufficient between your hair and the dryer while doing the process of blow-drying

Tips on how to Make Your Hair soft, silky and grow faster


Tips on how to Make Your Hair Soft, silky, and grow faster: Your hair might become dry and brittle if your diet is not healthy or if you’re using some hair products that are not actually meant for your hair type. However, the signs of healthy hair include thick and shiny hair. So having silky hair is something not everyone is born with.

Tips on how to Make Your Hair soft, silky and grow faster


When your hair fails to retain the moisture from the natural oils secreted by the scalp, they now become dry and rough. Below are some tips on how to Make Your Hair Soft, silky, and grow faster

  • Select hair care products as per your hair type. Focus on your hair type while buying shampoo and conditioners from the market. The formulation of the hair care products which are oily, dry, or damaged hair
  • Do not shampoo your hair daily, shampooing hair daily removes the oil from your hair, rather try and consider using shampoo twice or thrice a week. if your hair is oily, you can try dry shampoo but shampoo only the scalp, not the tips
  • Always apply a conditioner to your hair, never forget to add a conditioner for about 3-5 minutes and then wash it off after shampooing your hair. use hair conditioner only on the tips of the hair and not on the scalp, it helps lock in the moisture and reduces the static electricity between the hair strands, and can provide some protection from the sun
  • Also, Oil your hair daily. But if you have dry hair, do not wash your hair without oiling your hair for at least an hour before shampooing. You can use any hair healthy oil, such as coconut oil
  • Make use of hair makes at least once a week which can help maintain the oil in your hair. Apply any of the homemade hair masks given below. Leave the mask on for 1 hour, then wash it off with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner.: Aloe vera gel, a combination of egg and avocados, Bananas and avocados
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water because it dries your hair out. Either wash your hair with cold water or lukewarm water.
  • Also, limit the use of heating tools. Styling tools most especially because they can make your hair lose its natural oils and can cause hair damage if used regularly. Use a heat protectant before using any heating tools on your hair.
  • Avoid some certain hairstyles that can pull your hair very tight such as ponytails and the use of tight hairbands on your forehead can actually damage your hair. Tie your hair loosely and not tightly.
  • Cover and protect your hair with a scarf whenever you feel the need to step out.
  • You should also reduce the use of hair colors or dyes, it damages the texture of your hair if done daily. Restrict the use of them and at least wait for 6 weeks between two hair treatments
  • Trimming the hair once in 3-4 months helps in reducing the split ends and also gives you healthy-looking hair.

Tips on how to Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

Just because of the varying health conditions that might cause hair fall. You must consult your doctor to manage your hair fall better and also treat the underlying health issue. Below are some tips you can try to make your hair grow and thicker at home:

  • Always use hair conditioners to help your hair moisturize and prevent hair tangling
  • Also, avoid hairstyles such as buns because they can break your hair and then fall.
  • Always stay hydrated: Drink a lot of water to nourish your body and your hair from within. Also drinking coconut water can help increase your hair growth
  • Using heat during blow-drying or hair styling can strip away the natural oils and moisture from your hair making them brittle and easily vulnerable to hair fall
  • Avoid using harsh products on your hair”: You might get a new look with new hair color or new hairstyles.